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Creating Balance and Harmony in Mind Body & Spirit

Reiki is a Japanese word which translated means, Universal Life Force Energy. The Chinese equivillent of this is Chi. Our bodies have pathways know as Chakras and Meridians, which may become blocked or imbalanced through stress and can result in illness. It is a well known fact that long term stress can cause ill-health. By using Reiki to maintain harmony within your body, you can give it the best chance of remaining healthy. It is so much more than just a form of healing. Reiki is the purest form of external life force energy and can only be delivered by those who have been properly attuned. It effortlessly dissolves, transmutes and raises the quality of energy, to the highest level that the the body, mind and environment will allow. It is especially helpful for those suffering from anxiety or stress and can help to restore and improve your sleep quality.


Hypno-Reiki works on two levels. It has all the benefits of regular Reiki with the addition of positive suggestion to reduce negativity and improve whatever area of your life you choose. It can be helful to boost confidence, or encourage you to stop smoking, lose weight or to improve your health by being more positive about yourself. It has many applications so why not give us a call to find out how it can help you. 




Reiki can be used not only to treat others, but also yourself. If you wish to learn Reiki please let us know and we can inform you of when our Level 1 Workshop will run. There are three levels in all and once you have received your first attunements you will be able to practive on family and friends. You should leave sometime before completing your Level 2, after which you will be able to practice on the public. There are no hard and fast rules about when each level should be taken, but this will depend very much on the individual. After you have been practising for some time you may feel ready to become a Master. This entails you to be attuned to the highest life force energy and will allow you to pass on your knowledge to others.


Everyones experience of Reiki is different. Here are just a few comments received from recipients.


 ' I am writing to thank you for the fantastic work you have done for my husband who has become much more like his old self.


Due to servious health problems he has had over recent years ......he became very anxious and lost interest in most things. Since starting Hypno-Reiki with you he is sleeping much better and moving about more. Although he still has back pain from time to time it is nothing like as bad and he is attempting to do more ........


I am benefiting from all this as he wants to get out more and we enjoy regular meals out together and he has even managed to make a few cups of tea for me - something he stopped doing quite some time ago. We had never tried this type of treatment before but are so glad we heard about you...... G Mason  - Decemebr 2017



   'I had the Reiki healing for the first time. Felt really relaxed throughout the whole treatment. An amazing experience, would definitely recommend'.    R. McDonald


   'Thank you so much ladies for an absolutely amazing Reiki treatment. It was an emotional, physical, spiritual healing and enlightening experience. I was quite sceptical before and didn't know what to expect. i am now looking forward to my next Reiki experience'.  L. Dean


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