Past Life Regression £40

Who were you in your past life?

Are Past Lives Real?

There are two schools of thought. Some experts will argue, these are true memories from a previous incarnation. Others belives they are images created by the subconscious. Both senarios could be true, but there is not total agreement on this subject. It is a well know fact that our subconscious has the ability to create vivid images under hypnosis. Whether these are real or not is for you to decided. Some people believe experiences or events from a past life, can spill over into the next life. This can cause fears, phobias and blockages, which can prevent the person from moving forward. Which ever the case, I have the training and experience to guide you safely on your journey.


How does it work?

I wil help to guide you under hypnosis through at least one lifetime. I will take you back to your conception and then forward to your passing so that you can experience this for your self. You will explore diffent times in your life which were significant to you. Meet or see members of you family who were around you at the time. The experience will be different for everyone and will depend on whether you are a visual, audio or feeling person. 


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