Hypno-Reiki Birthing £40 per session

My Birthing Experience

As a mother of five children, I can say first hand that each and every pregnancy and birth are different. The first three children were all uneventful pregnancies with normal deliveries. My fourth pregnancy was slightly different in that she was breech, allbeit the doctors never believed me until two weeks before the birth. Despite several attempts to turn her, they failed. I was booked for an elective C-Section at 39 weeks. I cant help wondering if I had practiced hypno-birthing or had Hypno-Reiki things have been different. I miscarried next child 10 weeks into my pregnancy at which point I thought that was probably my last chance. Two years later, after I had signed up for my secord year of Hypnotherapy, I found out i was pregnant again. This time I decided I would have a go at Hypno-Birthing. 


From early on in my pregnancy, I set aside a regulalr time to practice my meditation and relaxation techniques. It was also a wonderful joyous experience getting to know my unborn child who would make the most of the opportunity to respond to my caresses. We developed a very strong bond whilst she was in the womb and this led to a very contented baby. She was probably the only child who had any signs of being clingy. It was not in a bad way, she just preferred to be home with me rather go than at school. Now she has blossomed into a confident young lady and still has that closeness.



Is pain free birth possible?

Yes is the simple answer. In all other mammals birthing is seen as a natural process and they are rarely seen in distress. Why then is it any different for us? In some of the poorer non-westernised countries, women still give birth with relatively no pain, just as they were supposed to. A womans body is specifically designed for pregnancy and birth, so it follows that birth for us too shoud be a natural process. Over many many years women have been conditioned to expect birth to be painful. Much of this is caused by FEAR. If you can break the FEAR-TENSION-PAIN CYCLE, you can experience a rewarding and virtually pain free birth. 


Hypno-Reiki for Pregnancy & Birthing

I have combined two very powerful healing techniques to induce deep relaxation as well as positive suggestion. These can be tailored to the individual and can be used to help alleviate fear and tension (the main causes of PAIN in childbirth).The treatment also provides an opportunity for you to connect with your baby on a deeper level, thus strengthening the bond between you. Reiki also balances your energies to ensure baby grows in a calm and relaxed environment. This will result in a calmer and more relaxed baby after delivery. Each session will be evolve as your pregnancy progresses and according to your individual needs. 


Hypno-Birthing what to expect.

It is best to make a start early on in you pregnancy so that any concern or fears can be resolved. This also gives plenty of time to consider your birth plan and to aquaint yourself with the hospital, midwives and birthing suite. All these things will put you at ease when the time comes for your confinement. Most importantly it gives you plenty of opportunity to practice the meditation and breathing exercises so you are confident when labour begins. I usually suggest a couple of sessions early on and as pregnancy progresses and nearing the birth, a few more will be needed. The most important thing is to practice regularly so you can quickly and easily get into the zone and strengthens the bonding process. Hypno-Birthing teaches you to work with your body during your labour. Relaxation helps to release endorphines and inhibits the stress hormone which cause muscles to tighten, thus causing pain. Those who give birth using hypno-birthing are much less likely to require pain releif drugs therefore keeping your baby safer and more able to bond with you in the short time after delivery.


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