Facial Reflexology

facial Reflexology is not only very enjoyable and relaxing, it is also very beneficial. The treatment increases circulation and blood flow to the face which helps to eliminate toxins and improves lymphatic drainage. It is very good for releiving sinusitis and congestion as well as reducing stress and Anxiety. It can also have very good results for those suffering with BRUXISM as it releives the muscle tension in the Jaw and helps with peaceful sleep. It has a calming effect on Mind and Body and can help to reduce mental strain and improve concentration. It helps the body to let go of muscle tension creating a sense of wellbeing. 


As with a regular reflexology treatment we still take a full medical history to ensure your safety. The treatment includes gentle massage and stimulation of various reflexes in much the same way as for the feet, only this is a much gentler approach. It can also be combined with reiki or a treatment of the feet depending on what you are looking for. 


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